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Treasures Of The Taiga

This article read here talks in detail about The Red Cedar and Cedar Shake Sidings. It talks about the roots of Cedar Shake Siding. It also give important maintenance tips. If you are in for Cedar Shake Siding, this article is a must read.

The Taiga has many coniferous trees. The Red Cedar is one of them. Natives of this enitre stretch of vegetation get their income from the cutting and selling the Red Cedar for Cedar Shake Siding. Indeed, it is a tree who’s wood is used to make the most rustic houses that ever existed.

A dummy’s Guide to Cedar Shake Siding

‘Shakes’ is jargon for a piece of wood made by splitting the Red Cedar log into a 3/8?x 3?x 14?dimension. Quite a few of these shakes are needed to design a Cedar Shake Siding or a roof. Some photos illustrating the use of these Shakes or Shingles, as is also called are uploaded on the following two links.


By looking at it once, Cedar Shake Siding may not look too appealing. But once you experience living in it, you will realize that Cedar Shake Siding oozes warmth that you have been longing since ages. Traditionally, Red Cedars have been used in making the shakes. This was because of the abundance of the Red Cedars in the Taiga. But, with the advent of modernization, their numbers have greatly been reduced, making manufacturers look at other types of wood in the manufacture of shakes.

Cedar Shake Siding – Austerity and Simplicity

The properties of the Red Cedar make it the most sought after wood in construction. It has a natural anti-decaying agent. It also has a resin which protects the wood from moths and termites that may try to make burrows in the wood. This resin also protects it from fungus and premature decay. The Red Cedar bark is used to make fishing nets and other rope materials. This shows how tensile the Red Cedar fibers are. It also possesses the property of Hygroscopy. Therefore, the houses which have used Cedar Shake Siding becomes insulated from both the rain and the cold winter winds. These trees have been used in making homes of thousands of natives living in the taiga region. This is proof of its insulating property as it is very cold in the Taiga in the winter months.

Most importantly, the Red Cedar is exquisite. It becomes more picturesque when it ages. But I would still more information recommend that you take basic steps to ensure that the wood is well preserved. For instance you can polish the Cedar Shake Siding to increase its durability. All these properties of the Red Cedar tree make it a very good siding material.

Now days, since the demand is much higher than the supply, it is very difficult to find and is in general very expensive. We can suggest that if you are seriously looking to buy the Red Cedar for Cedar Shake Siding, you can purchase it online from the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association at

Treasures Of The Taiga