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Colostrum Faqs

What’s the difference between capsules and powder?
For maximum immune system benefit, the goal is to have Colostrum reach the small intestine intact where it does its work. Colostrum produced in the first 24 hours contains special protease inhibitors, and the enzyme, trypsin. These factors protect vital immunoglobulins and other key factors in colostrum from destruction by the digestive acids found in the gastrointestinal tract. In his book, Colostrum: Life&25263; First Food, Daniel Clark, M.D. states, &25646;digestive inhibitors are only present in colostrum during the first 24 hours after birth. So it is critically important that colostrum only be gathered during this time.?Metafoods colostrum is gathered in the first 24 hours.

Colostrum is beneficial when taken in either powder or capsule form. Research indicates that those seeking growth factor advantages (burning fat, increasing lean muscle, anti-aging) may benefit further from taking colostrum in loose powder form. It has been suggested that the growth factors in colostrum are actually enhanced by contact with saliva and digestive juices in the stomach. Taking colostrum in capsule form provides a quicker route to the intestinal tract, where colostrum works best to help strengthen immunity. For best results, colostrum should be taken on an empty stomach, with plenty of water.

What’s the difference between regular colostrum and higher Immunoglobulin(Ig) colostrum?
The most important thing to keep in mind when answering this question is that while immunoglobulin (IG) level has been the most common measurement used to determine colostrum quality for calves, it is often over-emphasized as the measurement of quality for humans. Nature created a perfect food in colostrum and all colostrum contains the same basic components including IG, lactoferrin and growth factors. For calves, IG may be the most important factor as it is their sole source of immune protection at birth. For humans who choose colostrum as a supplement however, superiority in collection and processing should be the benchmarks of quality. Companies that advertise &25548;igh IG?or ?0% IG?have to manipulate the product to reach those levels which compromises the overall quality of the product, including other valuable factors. With over 90 beneficial components found naturally in colostrum, it doesn&25264; make much sense to mess with Nature&25263; perfect food!

Why bovine (cow’s) colostrum?
Research has shown that the immune and growth factors in (bovine) cow’s colostrum are nearly identical to those in human colostrum. Since many of bovine colostrum’s components are not species-specific, it works effectively in humans as well as other mammals.

Why do I need colostrum now that I’m an adult?
Once puberty has passed, our bodies begin the aging process by gradually producing less of the immune and growth factors that help us fight off disease and heal damaged body tissue. Colostrum is the only natural source of these life-giving components. Research has shown that colostrum not only supports immune function, but can help enhance fat utilization for fuel and optimize cellular reproduction). To date, no other substance read here on the planet can provide all of these marvelous benefits.

What should I be aware of when selecting colostrum?
The collection and processing of colostrum is crucial to the overall quality of the product.

Premium colostrum should be collected over the first 48 hours after birth, maximizing the presence of all of colostrum&25263; vital components.

High quality colostrum is never frozen and processed using low heat, electric spray dryers to ensure maximum biological activity.

Colostrum should be collected from cattle that are 100% pasture fed, and certified to be free of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and heavy metals.

Be sure to select colostrum encapsulated with vegetarian capsules which have a very low moisture content.

What about Mad Cow Disease?
There is no evidence that BSE&25263; (Mad Cow Disease) are transmitted through a cow&25263; milk or colostrum. However, to be safe, it is best to choose colostrum from pasture fed cattle since BSE&25263; are transmitted when an animal consumes feed that contains body parts from infected animals. And, while there should not be a reason for need for speed no limits cheats hack concern with gelatin capsules (which are made from animal parts) it is suggested that you choose colostrum in vegetable capsules, for maximum safety. New Zealand is recognized throughout the world for their strict dairy standards. They are listed as a &25607;owest-risk?country for BSE&25263; and their colostrum is certified to be free of BSE and scrapie. Dairy standards in the United States are not as stringent.

What about interactions with medications?
We’re not aware of any drug interactions. Always consult your health care professional for advice regarding prescription medications.

I’ve been taking colostrum for a while but I feel worse. What should I do?
We urge you to ask questions of your health care professional when undertaking a protocol of supplementation. A small percentage of people may experience flu-like symptoms, or have a rash during the first two weeks of taking colostrum. You may be experiencing what is known in the natural health community as a “healing crisis”. You may wish to cut back or stop using colostrum for a period of time and then try again, increasing your use gradually. Some people choose to take more colostrum during this period to help the body continue the healing process. Our advice is always to consult your medical practitioner before deciding on a course of action.

What if I’m pregnant or nursing?
Ask your doctor or medical professional prior to taking any prescription drugs, over the counter medicines, herbal and nutritional supplements.

Can I give colostrum to my children?
We suggest that you consult with your pediatrician for proper serving size information.

Can I give colostrum to my dog or cat?
Bovine colostrum is not species specific and works wonderfully with cats, dogs and other mammals. Older animals respond especially well when given colostrum. Sprinkle the colostrum in your pet’s dish, most pets love the taste of colostrum. Feed your pet water along with the colostrum. It is usually recommended that you use 1/3 teaspoon per 25lbs. of weight.

Do the calves get enough?
The first colostrum that comes from the cow must be given to the calf- it is essential to the health and vitality of the newborn and the preservation of the entire herd. Ideally, the calf will be given 3 quarts of first milking colostrum within the first 6 hours and then 2 quarts within the next 12 hours. Companies that claim ?-hour?or &25546;irst milking?colostrum products are simply not telling the truth. While a cow produces a substantial amount of colostrum, the initial colostrum or &25595;irst milking?contains a significant amount of fat and proteins that must be received by the calf right away for proper absorption. These factors are most beneficial to the newborn calf, but not necessarily as important to humans. Colostrum collected after the first 6 hours still contains all of the beneficial factors that we value. After about 48 hours, the colostrum becomes transitional milk and finally full milk at about 72 hours.

What about us vegetarians?
The Rishis?(India’s spiritual leaders) vegan diet has included Colostrum for thousands of years. Today, in India, the milkman delivers Colostrum to the wealthy.

What About lactose intolerance?
Generally, people who are lactose-intolerant should experience no problems when taking colostrum, since it contains little lactose. Also, some lactose-intolerant people have even reported being able to eat some dairy products after taking colostrum for approximately six to eight weeks.

Some liquid colostrum on the market has no lactose content because the lactose has been filtered out, and is a suitable choice for people who choose a completely lactose-free diet.
Please note: People with a severe allergy to milk proteins should consult their medical professional prior to taking colostrum since it is composed primarily of proteins.

Can colostrum be used topically?
Immune and growth factors in colostrum may help accelerate healing and protect wounds from infection. It is recommended that you mix colostrum powder (or open a capsule) with a small amount of sterile water or saline solution and apply it directly to the affected area.

Colostrum Faqs